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Hello World – or the inaugural post of Learn It, Make It

Hello world. It doesn’t matter what programming language you use, this has become the de facto standard for an introduction. When Kernighan wrote that first program, I wonder if he knew how it would last.

Even embedded engineering has their version of this classic with a blinking LED. It is no wonder that every development kit, experiment board, or hobby set has, at least, one LED populated.

hello world, the inaugural post


You have to start somewhere.

And that is the point of this inaugural post for Learn It, Make It. This is my hello world. Nothing fancy, nothing deep but a way to break the ice and introduce this site and myself.


When starting any endeavor, it is important to ask why. Why bother, why start, why is it important. For me, I started Learn It, Make It because I wanted to help give back to the embedded community, utilizing the strengths I possess.

Do I hope to become rich and famous from it? Not in the least, I hope that someday I could use it to provide a side source of income for my family and provide a tangible incentive to continue, but I am committed that for every dollar I make, some will be going to support non-profits focused on education for those who may not be able to afford it.

At this point, I have selected Pencils of Promise as they have a great mission of helping every child have access to education.


Now for the question of who is this guy? My name is Joe Baird and I have been building, testing, and producing electronics for nearly ten years including embedded microcontrollers, RF electronics, and extremely low power wireless sensor networks. Such as a wireless sensor with over 10-year life on a single coin-cell battery or an RF antenna area that can beam-steer in 52 unique states. You can see my professional background on my LinkedIn Profile or find a more personal look on the About Page.

But, I am not an expert, professor, or a sage. I am however very passionate about learning, building, and tinkering. Which brings us to the…


My plan for Learn It, Make It is twofold:

  1. provide enriching content that will enable engineers, makers, hackers, and software developers learn embedded devices
  2. enable those same engineers, makers, hackers, and software developers to bring their hardware ideas to market

As I go through these processes myself, I will be able to share my thoughts, concerns, and delights along the way.

So now it is your turn. Hit up the comments below or send me a message on twitter (@learnitmakeit) and introduce yourself with your own hello world.