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Working with Experienced Coworkers

Dealing with Experienced Coworkers and Learning From Them

It doesn’t matter if this is your first job or your third, you will have the opportunity, and challenge, of working with a broad range of individuals. As an early engineer working on building your credibility and proficiency, perhaps the most daunting group of people are the experienced coworkers. The experienced coworkers I am not talking about the guy with only a year left before retirement and just coasting, I’m talking about the engineer who is the expert in her field and has ten patents and nine papers to her name. Perhaps every time you bring up an idea they have 10 reasons to shoot it down. Or they can seemingly walk up to your computer and instantly point out a critical mistake. After a few of these incidents, you quickly learn to avoid them or get an anxiety attack just by knowing they are going to be in the same meeting. The difference of years Why are so many early engineers intimidated or even threatened by senior engineers? When you look at the differences between …