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Engineering Verification

NPI in Seven Steps – Engineering Verification

This is part three of our dive into New Product Introduction, this time with a look at the Engineering Verification stage. If you missed the previous articles, get caught up here. To this point in the New Product Introduction process, you don’t really have much to show for all the hard work. A couple of reports, pretty renderings of the mechanicals, and lots of hand-waving around the prototype. Get ready to change all of that. In fact, get ready to become the most popular team in the company, everybody will soon ‘be in the area.’ Why? Because you are about to get the first prototypes from the manufacturer that almost look like a product. Engineering Verification Run So now that your manufacturer has reviewed the design, helped you make some changes, and gave their best estimate of the final cost, now it’s time to build something to show for all the hard work. The very first build at the manufacturer is the Engineering Verification build or EV. Depending on how much money your company wants to …