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New Product Introduction - Getting Started

New Product Introduction in Seven Steps – The Beginning

This post kicks off a seven part series on New Product Introduction. Here we will be introducing the concepts. How many failed Kickstarters are out there that couldn’t raise enough cash to make their project into a shelf-worthy product? How many more failed to deliver or even went bankrupt right after because they couldn’t afford to build a second round? It’s not just the makers. Even large corporations that attempt to branch out into the hardware space have failed to bring their product to market. For many, the reason is they do not understand, or they misjudge the requirements needed to make a prototype into a ready to ship product. This process to get from mockup to saleable item is called the New Product Introduction. What happens after the prototype Let’s say your company has a cool little prototype that will be a game changer. Your team has proven it can work. The marketing group is so excited that they want to launch it at the next big expo – which is in two months. To …