Hey, my name is Joe, and I work… well I am working on helping you succeed.

Over the last ten years, I have been working in the engineering world of embedded systems, software development, and hardware design. My goal with Learn It, Make It is to take these years of learning (both my own and witnessing other’s) to provide insights and guidance to your career journey.

From promotions to layoffs (been through 7 so far), startup beginnings to shutting down, and small companies to bureaucratic messes. If you are finding yourself in any of these, chances are I have (or will have) written some thoughts on the experience. But not to just vent or rant – those aren’t helpful to anyone – but rather to provide ideas on how to succeed through any career season.

About Joe


First, let it be known I am not laying any claim as an expert and that all content on this site is strictly my opinion and not of my employer (current or previous).

On the personal side, I am a father of an amazing little boy and husband to a beautiful wife. We have made our home in the Seattle region of Washington, USA despite the rain.

And I enjoy a good beer, so if you ever want to connect just suggest a brewery and we can meet over a pint.


Why does this matter? Because, as you read my posts, you will see that being an engineer – especially one that wants to succeed – is way more than how fast you can code or your knowledge of sub-threshold conduction. Who I am, influences my career and my opinions, so I want to lay them out before you, so you get to know me beyond my posts.

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Thank you for checking out who I am and enjoy your time here,


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