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Understand Customer Service

Customer Service for Engineers

Customer service often gets a bad rep in the press. Unfortunately, it’s often due to insanely poor service from corporations, companies that win Consumerist’s Golden Poo Award. It could be in part because these large businesses outsource the role to call centers that get paid by volume of handled cases rather than the value provided to the customer. But that isn’t the service I want to talk about today. Instead, I want to help engineers understand what the importance of good customer service and how people in the role promote your company’s brand. On the Front Line A dedicated team may hold the role of customer serviceĀ or shared by other roles within the business. Customer requests may come in through emails, support tickets from a web form, calls, or even passionate customers showing up at the front desk. Whoever is filling the role, they are the front line of your company with its customers. Consumers have become to expect a high level of product quality and when something doesn’t work right out of the box, …