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Making Mistakes

Making Mistakes and Learning From Them

This blog almost didn’t happen. I was afraid I’d make mistakes in what I write or what I say. In fact, many other projects that I have started have completely sputtered out due to this fear of failure. Have I already made some mistakes? Yup, and I will continue to do so as I go. What I have not done is to allow these mistakes to cripple me. Instead, I allowed myself to use them to improve, and so can you. Making Mistakes, and Learning From Them Success is like getting high, but failing is like going to the gym. When things go right everybody feels good, everybody is happy, and nobody cares why. When you tied your shoe this morning did you reflect on how it could have been improved? Or on today’s commute, did you think about how to add additional safety processes to the transportation system? Probably not, because they worked just as expected. Things that work rarely get attention, and therefore rarely get improved. Now think of something that didn’t go so well this …