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NPI Product Verification Build

Product Verification Build – NPI in Seven Steps

Product Verification is part six of our New Product Introduction series. If you missed the previous posts and want to get caught up, start with the introduction post. At this stage of the New Product Introduction process, your manufacturer has built small, hands-on runs of your product. They have put their best team on the lines, and probably had a high level of oversight at every step. This has made for very expensive units, probably twice as much as you were expecting. But as described in the Design Verification stage, it was all investment in making sure that everything would run smoothly once the crank started turning. Product VerificationĀ Build And that cranks is beginning to wind up. The Product Verification build (or just PV) is much like a mini-production run. In fact, the PV is a practice run before releasing the production flood. This means that what you receive from this build is a product that could, in theory, be placed on a store shelf. As we dive in, we will find that while you …